Another one bites the dust!

After completing the nth diagram for my Ecology practical file my brain gave up! The 2 hours of continuously making the abstract art sort of diagrams had taken a toll on me. Added to my woes, the college’s seats being highly comfortable made it even more difficult for me to sit even for a bit longer.

So, I went straight into my college’s garden and sat under the shade of Azadiracta indica (Neem, ohh yes!)

I forgot to mention that being botany students one may find such weird sounding scientific names in our articles.) There, I went back to my scribbling randomly at the bottom of my page habits. As the word started to come out, I lost track of time an hour had passed.

I knew it was time to wind up and head back straight to the class albeit with a different thought in mind.

In this mindset, the idea of writing in the blog comes up in the mind along with two classmates. There is paramount need to get relief from extreme pressure of monotonous day to day routine life. It is hoped that others feeling the same pressure will be relieved by the joint effort of the white triangle by reading the writers in the blog.

The Content Writer’s-


Sanjukta Chakraborty – Our in house Bong connection! Introvert and shy by nature she lets her writing do the talking. She wants to break away from the vicious cycle of studying Botany.


Sonia Sharma– The ‘wanderlust and pixie dust type’ type! She believes in destiny and wants to buy a DSLR as soon as possible added to this she has already prepared a list of places she wants to travel.


Myself, Surbhi Nautiyal!

Describing yourself can be the most uphill task ever! An ambivert by nature, I am still taking baby steps in the field of writing. Ideally, a good thriller novel and a cup  of coffee is my idea of an ’idle’ evening.


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