enceThe scars of the battle that I had won, shone brightly
Revealing a thousand stories,
Deep down my breath slowed and heart paced,
Is it worth telling, I wondered….
The querying eyes around, boring deep into me,
Why does it even bother them?
The ones who meekly said ‘NO’…
When I was on the verge of losing it all ?
I sipped in my coffee…..
Do they really expect answers, I again questioned myself?
Apologies disguised as answers was what they wanted,
Aaah! Those raised eyebrows, that were enough to ask a million questions….
Questions that never arose at the correct time,
Questions that lead me doubt my own existence,
The judgemental bricks that they threw at me,
Without even putting an effort to seek the truth?
Wasn’t that an easy path to tread along?
I finished my coffee & stood up,
Gazed at them for the one last time,
Happy they seemed in their own fancy little bubble…..
The stagnancy didn’t seem to bother them,
I walked past them, as trees whizz past moving cars,
Leaving them all behind
For they neither deserved my questions nor my answers,
For my scars were my own & my battles my own,
The precious little mosaic that I held close to my heart…..




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