Political tamasha has become the order of the day making it a part and parcel of our daily lives. One of the political tamasha began with throwing of shoes at ex president USA Mr Bush in Iraq. Later on throwing of shoes or chappals continued in India also. Our ex home minister P.Chidambaram, opposition leader LK Advani and Mr Jindal MP from Haryana were thrown shoes or chappals at their meetings. In assembly and Parliament political parties exchange shoes, broke furnitures ,rushed into well of the house shouting slogans against the rulling party and damaged the mikes of the speaker of the house. This shouting brigade disrupts constructive debate. In spite of repeated requests of the speaker the Parliament witnessed recently the placard of the opposition. Media and journalists who believe in yellow journalism often exaggerated. Political leaders made U turn after fired upon by their bosses. Nowadays for inflammatory speech by the political fraternity is responsible for the communal riots. To make their presence felt often political leaders gave irresponsible remarks destabilizing the society and creating disharmony among the people. Political leaders often in their election manifesto make big, false and impractical promises to attract voters. After election the same politicians forget it. Nowadays through paid news the politicians like to spread agenda of the party. Some political leaders in the name of greeting their national leader publish their own photo along with the national leaders. Politicians behave in a schizophrenic manner when they preach non violence but on the other hand they instigate their follower to terrorise people during bandh /strike. Politicians have made it a family affair to fight election. They have restricted tickets to the kith and kin. Indian youths refrain from joining politics. Instead of  cleansing the system the India youths are running away from the political arena. They should not run away. After all the destiny of the nation is decided by the politicians.


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