thats the whole idea of thewhitetriangle

triangle final

Like the image says it all, we clearly see three black circles but there is no white triangle, still we can see it! Our eyes tend to ignore gaps and perceive the contour lines. The non-existed triangle captures the focus of our eyes making us visualize it as the one single image. This is an optical illusion, commonly called the kanizsa triangle.

From dusk to dawn, we witness the usual chaos/madness of life, be it in metro, college, office or even at traffic signals. Our eyes really do tiresome visual work, be it playing games or watching youtube videos they always keep perceiving matter which might exist or not like the triangle above.

But just take a deep breath and look around!

Our surroundings, our life’s – everything is soaked in stories from news to any wierd or funny incidences happening. We humans are great storytellers! We share stories- good or bad through film, newspaper, blog, documentary, vocal communication but do we ever try to fill the voids, connect the dots in the stories we watch or listen?

Do we ever try to recreate these stories by filling the voids in between, looking at them from a different perspective?

Look beyond the seen,stories can be created anywhere!

Also, the kanizsa triangle not only tells us to put forward a perception beyond the voids but also taking something concrete from things which might not exist for one but exist for someone else

That’s the whole world is running, PERCEPTION- the key thing making us different, distinct from each other. We are the captives of our own perceptions. for say- if to be doctor is a big thing for me, it might not for you!

That’s the whole idea of thewhitetriangle.

thewhitetriangle is a collective initiative to support constructive criticism. Analogous to the three edges of triangle, we are team of three people who believes that criticism acts as mirror for introspection. We shun immoral activities and encourage help to the needy.

Our aim is to dig out stories from history, education, politics, life etc, to make your neurons giving strong stimulus to process and respond in a way to think hard on the respective issues.

It’s the need of the alarming hour so that your main co-ordinating centre of the body respond in a positive manner to the stories shared.

All the members of the group are open-minded towrite,toshare,toreact!

The three members of the group will try to develop mutual interest for the benefit of all. The group will always promote positive thinking. With the support of all, the group wants to create turmoil in the hearts of all. Exchange of opinion will strengthen the hands of member in the group. Knowledge of the members as well as participations is bound to increase.

The main motto of the group is to enhance knowledge gathering. The activities and work of the group will encourage to build scientific temper.

Suggestions from others are always welcome!


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